Goal update

Baseline: 8.5% diversion rate

2023: 58% diversion rate

Goal [ACHIEVED]: 30% diversion rate

Recent Achievements


In 2018, departments across the Zoo worked together to eliminate Styrofoam use in dining services by changing purchasing policies.


The Zoo composts waste generated from zoo-keeping such as animal waste and straw bedding. Compost weight was added to the diversion rate beginning in 2018, which previously was based solely on recycling. Composting increased the diversion rate by approximately 40%. An increase in browse for animal diets and enrichment has increased compost generation.


Straw-less Campaign

The Zoo partnered with local businesses as part of “The First Step” campaign as part of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership’s “The First Step” campaign to reduce plastic straw use. As part of this campaign, the Zoo switched from single-use plastic straws to more environmentally-friendly biodegradable paper straws.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

All non-public-facing water fountains were converted to hands free, bottle-fillers in early 2021 to reduce plastic consumption. Several public-facing water fountains were also replaced in the second half of 2021.

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