Goal update

Baseline: 356.5 million gallons/yr

Q3 2020: 247 million gallons/yr

Goal (2021): 267 million gallons/yr

Recent Achievements

Alaskan Adventure Re-Circulation

Water filtering and re-circulation in the Alaskan Adventure splash pad allows the Zoo to efficiently use water, reducing water use by thousands of gallons.

Energy & Water Management Team

The Zoo’s cross-department Energy & Water Management Team monitors energy and water use across the Zoo. By identifying high and low utility usage, this team provides data to inform energy and water saving solutions to help meet the Zoo’s sustainability goals.


Elephant Pool

In March 2019, the Elephant Pool had a gasket break, causing a leak. By monitoring water use, the Zoo’s Energy and Water Management Team noticed increased water use and the Facilities fixed the gasket, saving the Zoo water and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Fixing Leaks

Through ongoing water use monitoring, the Zoo continues to identify and fix leaks on Zoo grounds, saving thousands of gallons of water each year.

Upcoming Projects

Owen Sea Lion Shores

Owen Sea Lion Shores will provide Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium’s sea lions with a new state-of-the-art habitat featuring a 275-thousand-gallon pool, 40-foot-long underwater viewing window, natural boundaries, heated rocks, an underwater kelp forest and sandy beach areas. Innovative design will use significantly less water than the current Owen Sea Lion Pavilion while providing a better habitat for our sea lions.

Rain Barrels for Browse Team

In an effort to more sustainably produce browse for the Zoo’s animals, the Zoo is purchasing 10 275 gallon rain barrels through the Green Loan Fund. The Browse Team will use collected water to irrigate plants grown on grounds that are collected for animal browsing. Run-off is a significant challenge in the Midwest, where rains can be strong and infrequent. Water collection can reduce run-off, which improves water quality of local streams.

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

The Zoo continues to upgrade existing water fountains and install refiling stations in new construction.

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